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Hayley and Taylor 

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Anonymous yelled:
Hayley looks absolutely healthy. her body looks amazing!!!

yesss totally agree with you anon!! shes so gorgeous x

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Anonymous yelled:
Ik I'm most likely overreacting but Hayley's been losing a lot of weight lately and it kinda worries me

just remember she has been really sick lately and they have been going none stop touring for a while now. I wouldn’t worry though anon, I don’t think its an unhealthy weight loss if anything at all xx

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Title: The Only Exception
Artist: Paramore
Played: 7992 times

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Paramore were asked about the secret of the band. [x]

Hayley:  I think, to me in a band is finding that’s a healthy band. It’s kinda like what they say about relationships, if you’re not communicating and sort of finding it out than you’re not really being yourselves. So we have to learn that the hard way and we’re just doing our best all the time.

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Paramore at Reading Festival: Some highlights

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Paramore performing an impromptu acoustic version of ‘The Only Exception’ (Reading 2014) after the sound system failed

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